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Does College= Success?

Does College= Success?
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Jeremy Boreing, the co-founder and co-CEO of The Daily Wire, challenges the conventional wisdom that a college degree is the key to success. Despite not having a college degree himself, Boreing argues that he made a conscious choice based on his career ambitions and is confident that it was the right decision. While acknowledging that going to college is a personal choice in a free country, he questions the widely held belief that college is the ultimate pathway to success and fulfillment.

┬áThe Left’s Obsession with Higher Education

Boreing points out the left’s obsession with higher education, viewing it as a human right and advocating for its universal accessibility. He highlights the appeal of free college to young people, emphasizing its popularity among a critical voting bloc. Boreing suggests that this push for widespread college education serves the left’s agenda by fostering conformity of thought, given the left-leaning orientation of many college professors and administrators.

 The Fallacy of Global Rankings

Addressing concerns about America’s global education rankings. Boreing dismisses the significance of being 13th in reading, 18th in science literacy, and 37th in math. He counters these statistics by emphasizing America’s leadership in Nobel Prizes, scientific citations, entertainment, and technological advancements. Boreing contends that success is not solely determined by academic rankings and challenges the notion that America is lagging behind in knowledge-based fields.

The Role of Innovators Without Degrees

Boreing highlights prominent figures such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, and Larry Ellison. All of whom lack a college degree but have significantly contributed to modern innovations. He underscores the importance of qualities like curiosity, ambition, and a willingness to fail. Asserting that these traits often guarantee success, whereas a college diploma does not. Boreing suggests that colleges may not be teaching the right things or teaching them in the wrong way.

The Disconnect Between Colleges and Innovation

Boreing delves into the disconnect between colleges and innovation, quoting tech-entrepreneur David Gelernter. Who questions the importance of a degree in computer science for developers. He mentions tech billionaire Peter Thiel, who actively supports people not going to college. Recognizing that colleges tend to produce a consistent product and discourage diverse thinking. Boreing concludes that while college may be useful for some. It is by no means necessary for everyone and challenges the notion that it is essential for economic success at both an individual and national level.

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